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Three and Jackie Carpenter are passionate about creating work cultures where employees are fulfilled, inspired and engaged. Their People First philosophy transforms organizations by focusing on connection and leads to teams who thrive! Contact them now for your next conference or event.

Speaking Topics

Transforming Your Organization to People First

The difference between thriving and thrashing in the business world today is a People First culture! In this inspiring session, discover essential best practices for creating a caring workplace and receive actionable takeaways for immediate implementation.

People First Leadership Training

The key to keeping employees engaged, fulfilled and eager to give their best is ensuring all managers and supervisors are leading with the People First mentality. This step-by-step training session addresses common manager pitfalls and provides actionable guidance for management and supervisor development.

The 5 Steps

Take a deep dive into each of the 5 steps of pure human connection and identify ways to enhance the employee experience at every phase of the employee life cycle from recruitment through retention.

Three and Jackie Carpenter speaking to the camera | Speaking Engagements

Customized Keynotes, Trainings and Workshops

We want you to win! Let us customize our message specifically to your organization needs. Select one, two or all 5 steps most crucial to your company and situation. We specialize in education sessions ranging from two hours to two days. Contact us and we’ll be delighted to talk details!

Need a Little Help But Don’t Know Who to Call?

If you are looking for career advice, peer to peer coaching, professional mentoring or if you simply need an outsider’s perspective on a particular professional predicament, please reach out to us. We understand the importance of having someone on your team who you can talk situations through or ask questions to without judgment. Contact us!


Three and Jackie Carpenter standing, facing the camera | Speaking Engagements

“Three and Jackie’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious. They genuinely connect with their audiences and leave a lasting impression.”
Tommy Spaulding, Professional Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author

“Exciting and Impactful! Whether it’s a workshop, a keynote or a staff training, be prepared to be inspired and ready to take action!”
Kim Pasquale, Vice President, Club Management Association of America

“Three and Jackie are People First people! They say what they live, and they live what they say. This book is a compilation of great stories and practical applications for managers at any level who want to create a ‘people first’ culture. Many managers talk about engaged teams and environments, yet few know how to create them. If you are ready to be inspired to elevate you, your culture, and ultimately your business, read this book!”
Shelley MacDougall, CEO, New Reality

“Three & Jackie literally changed my life! They went from being bosses of mine, to mentors to me, to becoming close friends to my wife and I, to even standing in our wedding 4 years ago. They are like family to us! A few words that describe them would be: supportive, energetic, optimistic, loving, fun, brilliant, leaders, caring, rockstars! I am so proud of them for writing their first book called People First! I had the extreme pleasure of reading an advanced copy and let me tell you, this book will make you laugh, cry, want to go run a marathon afterwards, hug a stranger and overall just be a better leader. This book is the perfect read for any company or individual looking to take their business and leadership to the next level. I highly recommend this book and urge you to share it with the world! Three and Jackie changed my life forever in such a positive way and I know this book will change yours.”
Nick Weir, CEO, Little Owl Entertainment


November 8, 2021

Iowa State University Book Signing and People First Presentation
Ames, IA

November 16, 2021

Chicago Chapter of Club Managers Association of America
Private Event
Chicago, IL

January 11, 2022

Minnesota Chapter of Club Managers Association of America
Private Event
St. Paul, MN

January 11, 2022

2022 Canadian Club Innovation Conference
Virtual Event